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Ask your grocer or retailer
for Cool Artesian Water

Just the Right Amount Of Minerals Naturally

Bottled at the Source in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Where There is No Contamination From Farming or Industry

One 2-Liter Bottle Is Easily Portable and Fulfills Your Daily Recommended Amount Of Water

Perfect 7.6 pH Balance to Help Your Body Neutralize Acid and Fight Disease

What's in your water?
Here's what's in ours:

Mineral Composition in p.p.m.:

Good Stuff

















• Naturally balanced ph 7.6

• No Chlorine

• No Nitrates

Bottled at the source by:

Crystal Falls Springs, Inc.
Crystal Falls, MI 49920

An American Company

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COOL Artesian Water Disaster Relief

Crystal Falls Springs, Inc., bottlers of COOL Artesian Water, has committed to supporting disaster relief efforts worldwide in cooperation with Lakeview Bible Church, in Crystal Falls, Michigan and many charitable organizations. The purity and natural mineral content of COOL Artesian Water will play a vital role in saving lives and preventing bacterial disease when water supplies are compromised. CFS has pledged to provide bottled water at total product manufactured cost for disaster relief victims and for the profit.

The owners of the company have long felt they were blessed with this very healthy source of water for special reasons.  The 7.6 pH of COOL greatly aids the body in neutralizing acidity, and providing oxygen delivery to the body's cells.  In the early 1930's Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery that cancer thrives in an acidic environment but cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. Your body's ability to neutralize acid is measured by calculating its potential Hydrogen ion concentration, or pH.  The pH of 7.0 is neutral meaning that the pH concentration is not acidic or alkaline, anything under pH 7.0 is acidic. Many bottled waters sold on the market today are less than pH 7.0. Our immune systems function best at  7.4 pH or higher (alkaline). Our bodies are about 70% water, which means to function ideally the body's fluids should have a pH of 7.4 or higher as well. COOL provides this critical need.

In light of the recent tsunami in South Asia, the hurricanes of Florida, floods and mudslides of California, tornadoes wherever they strike, and man-made disasters that repeatedly take place on our Earth, it has become apparent that steps should and need to be taken in advance of disastrous events to ensure that people will have the most important thing they need for survival...pure water, not purified water.  Healthy water is the most critical component needed to sustain the life of survivors in disaster zones.

Water is a miracle of life on earth. It's not enough to provide support after the fact, but to be prepared for disasters before they strike. The intent of the outreach program is to commit a portion of our production time, on an ongoing basis, to have water always available for immediate distribution in the event of any natural or man-made disaster.

Many "would-be" donors may have concerns about administrative costs involved with charity organizations. We feel a good way to circumvent that problem is by donating money directly to Lakeview Bible Church-COOL Disaster Fund. This way All of the money will be converted to tangible product. The water will be available for distribution by a network of charitable organizations. All donations will be tax deductible.

The program works like this:
1.)  Donations go straight to the COOL Disaster Relief Fund to be converted to bottled water with no administrative costs.
2.)  One 2 liter bottle supplies the recommended daily amount of water for one person. A $10 donation could save 1 life for the first critical two weeks following a disaster.
3.) The Charitable organizations will pick up the COOL Water at our warehouse to move it to their warehouses for distribution to the needy.

If you would like to donate to this relief fund:

Make checks payable to:
Lakeview Bible Church / COOL Disaster Relief Fund

Mail to:
Lakeview Bible Church
P.O. Box 247
Crystal Falls, MI. 49920


Make checks payable to:
Friends of Atwood/COOL Disaster Relief Fund

Mail to:
Attn: Larry McPheron
111 Douglas
Rockford, IL 61103

Receipts will be mailed to your return address as provided.  For more information, please contact Crystal Falls Springs, Inc. and ask for Debbie or Brian at (906) 875-6694 or (906) 875-3191. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, contact Dennis Rose at (918) 493-2005. In Rockford, Illinois, contact Larry McPheron at (815) 978-0251. You may also visit our website at

One 2 Liter Bottle = life for one person for one day
One case (8/2 liter) = life for one person for eight days
One pallet (fifty cases) = life for one week for 60 people
One truckload (23 pallets) = life for a week for over 1300 people

There is no maximum donation and Crystal Falls Springs, Inc. has committed long term to this effort. We will bottle as much water for distribution as donations allow.  Please give from your heart.

Crystal Falls Springs Inc. will also help support Fund Raisers and other Special Events. We also produce 16.9 ounce products that are ideal for these activities.

Thank you in advance for your participation in the COOL outreach program. If you would like to be part of this program and have other resources to offer, other than money, please feel free to contact us with your ideas and offers. The more warehouses and shipping resources we have, the easier it will be to get COOL water to those in need.

Please send this message to your family, friends and organizations that may be interested to contribute, and by whatever methods you have available.


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